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Tibia creatures

Naam Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Damaged Worker Golem Damaged Worker Golem 95 260 0,37 Gear Crystal, Gold Coin, Nail, Rusty Armor - [Loot statistieken]
Darakan The Executioner Darakan The Executioner 1600 3500 0,46 Creature is altijd leeg
Dark Apprentice Dark Apprentice 100 225 0,44 Blank Rune, Dead Frog, Gold Coin, Health Potion, Mana Potion, Wand Of Dragonbreath - [Loot statistieken]
Dark Magician Dark Magician 185 325 0,57 Blank Rune, Gold Coin, Health Potion, Mana Potion, Necrotic Rod, Small Enchanted Amethyst, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion - [Loot statistieken]
Dark Monk Dark Monk 154 190 0,81 Ankh, Book Of Prayers, Bread, Brown Flask, Dark Rosary, Gold Coin, Lamp, Leather Armor, Life Crystal, Mana Potion, Power Ring, Sandals, Scroll, Staff - [Loot statistieken]
Dark Torturer Dark Torturer 4650 7350 0,63 Assassin Star, Butcher's Axe, Cat's Paw, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Gold Coin, Gold Ingot, Great Health Potion, Ham, Key Ring, Orichalcum Pearl, Platinum Coin, Saw, Soul Orb, Steel Boots, Vile Axe - [Loot statistieken]
Deadeye Devious Deadeye Devious 500 1450 0,34 [Loot statistieken]
Death Blob Death Blob 300 320 0,94 Glob Of Tar - [Loot statistieken]
Deathbringer Deathbringer 5100 10000 0,51 Creature is altijd leeg
Deathslicer Deathslicer ? Creature is altijd leeg
Deathspawn Deathspawn 145 255 0,57 Creature is altijd leeg
Deepling Guard Deepling Guard 2100 1900 1,11 Bunch Of Winterberries, Deepling Backpack, Deepling Breaktime Snack, Deepling Claw, Deepling Guard Belt Buckle, Deepling Squelcher, Envelope From The Wizards, Eye Of A Deepling, Fireworks Rocket, Foxtail, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Guardian Axe, Heavy Trident, Nothing (due To Low Stamina), Ornate Crossbow, Party Hat, Party Trumpet, Platinum Coin, Small Sapphire, Snowball - [Loot statistieken]
Deepling Scout Deepling Scout 160 240 0,67 Bunch Of Winterberries, Envelope From The Wizards, Eye Of A Deepling, Fireworks Rocket, Fish Fin, Flask Of Rust Remover, Gold Coin, Heavy Trident, Hunting Spear, Life Ring, Party Hat, Party Trumpet, Rusty Armor, Small Emerald, Snowball - [Loot statistieken]
Deepling Spellsinger Deepling Spellsinger 1000 850 1,18 Bunch Of Winterberries, Deepling Filet, Deepling Staff, Envelope From The Wizards, Eye Of A Deepling, Fireworks Rocket, Fish, Fish Fin, Gold Coin, Key To The Drowned Library, Life Ring, Necklace Of The Deep, Ornate Crossbow, Party Hat, Party Trumpet, Platinum Coin, Small Sapphire, Snowball, Spellsinger's Seal - [Loot statistieken]
Deer Deer 0 25 0 Antlers, Ham, Meat - [Loot statistieken]
Defiler Defiler 2500 3650 0,68 Demonic Essence, Glob Of Acid Slime, Glob Of Tar, Gold Coin, Green Gem, Platinum Coin, Red Gem, Small Diamond, Small Emerald, Small Ruby, Soul Orb, Talon, Yellow Gem - [Loot statistieken]
Demodras Demodras 4000 4500 0,89 Dragon Claw, Dragon Ham, Green Mushroom, Platinum Coin - [Loot statistieken]
Demon Demon 6000 8200 0,73 Assassin Star, Bone, Demon Horn, Demon Shield, Demon Trophy, Demonrage Sword, Devil Helmet, Double Axe, Fire Axe, Fire Mushroom, Giant Sword, Gold Coin, Gold Ring, Golden Legs, Golden Sickle, Great Mana Potion, Ice Rapier, Leather Armor, Magic Plate Armor, Mastermind Shield, Might Ring, Orb, Platinum Amulet, Platinum Coin, Purple Tome, Ring Of Healing, Small Emerald, Small Stone, Stealth Ring, Talon, Ultimate Health Potion - [Loot statistieken]
Demon Outcast Demon Outcast 6200 6900 0,9 [Loot statistieken]
Demon Parrot Demon Parrot 225 360 0,63 [Loot statistieken]
Demon Skeleton Demon Skeleton 240 400 0,6 Battle Hammer, Battle Shield, Black Pearl, Demonic Skeletal Hand, Gold Coin, Guardian Shield, Health Potion, Iron Helmet, Mana Potion, Mind Stone, Mysterious Fetish, Throwing Star, Torch - [Loot statistieken]
Destroyer Destroyer 2500 3700 0,68 Big Bone, Burst Arrow, Chaos Mace, Crowbar, Crystal Necklace, Dark Armor, Demonic Essence, Dreaded Cleaver, Giant Sword, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Meat, Metal Spike, Mind Stone, Pick, Plate Armor, Platinum Coin, Skull Helmet, Small Amethyst, Soul Orb, Steel Boots - [Loot statistieken]
Devourer Devourer ? Glooth Axe, Gold Coin, Platinum Coin, Small Amethyst - [Loot statistieken]
Dharalion Dharalion 380 380 1 [Loot statistieken]
Diabolic Imp Diabolic Imp 2900 1950 1,49 Blank Rune, Cleaver, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Double Axe, Gold Coin, Guardian Shield, Magma Coat, Magma Monocle, Necrotic Rod, Pitchfork, Platinum Coin, Scimitar, Small Amethyst, Soul Orb, Stealth Ring - [Loot statistieken]
Diamond Servant Diamond Servant 700 1000 0,7 Gear Crystal, Gear Wheel, Gold Coin, Life Crystal, Might Ring, Slime Mould, Soul Orb, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion - [Loot statistieken]
Diblis The Fair Diblis The Fair 1800 1500+ 1,2 [Loot statistieken]
Dipthrah Dipthrah 2900 4500 0,64 [Loot statistieken]
Dire Penguin Dire Penguin 120 175 0,69 Gold Coin - [Loot statistieken]
Dirtbeard Dirtbeard 375 630 0,6 [Loot statistieken]
Diseased Bill Diseased Bill 300 2000 0,15 [Loot statistieken]
Diseased Dan Diseased Dan 300 2000 0,15 Gold Coin - [Loot statistieken]
Diseased Fred Diseased Fred 300 2000 0,15 Gold Coin - [Loot statistieken]
Doctor Perhaps Doctor Perhaps 325 455 0,71 [Loot statistieken]
Dog Dog 0 20 0 Creature is altijd leeg
Doom Deer Doom Deer 200 305 0,66 [Loot statistieken]
Dracola Dracola 7750 14000 0,55 [Loot statistieken]
Dragon Dragon 700 1000 0,7 Broadsword, Bunch Of Winterberries, Burst Arrow, Crossbow, Double Axe, Dragon Ham, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Shield, Dragon's Tail, Dragonbone Staff, Envelope From The Wizards, Gold Coin, Green Dragon Leather, Green Dragon Scale, Life Crystal, Longsword, Mace, Plate Legs, Serpent Sword, Short Sword, Small Diamond, Steel Helmet, Steel Shield, Strong Health Potion, Wand Of Inferno - [Loot statistieken]
Dragon Hatchling Dragon Hatchling 185 380 0,49 Dragon Ham, Dragon's Tail, Envelope From The Wizards, Gold Coin, Health Potion - [Loot statistieken]
Dragon Lord Dragon Lord 2100 1900 1,11 Book, Bunch Of Winterberries, Dragon Ham, Dragon Lord Trophy, Dragon Scale Mail, Dragon Slayer, Energy Ring, Envelope From The Wizards, Fire Sword, Fireworks Rocket, Gold Coin, Golden Mug, Green Mushroom, Life Crystal, Party Hat, Party Trumpet, Power Bolt, Red Dragon Leather, Red Dragon Scale, Royal Helmet, Royal Spear, Small Sapphire, Snowball, Strange Helmet, Strong Health Potion, Tower Shield - [Loot statistieken]
Dragon Lord Hatchling Dragon Lord Hatchling 645 750 0,86 Dragon Ham, Gold Coin, Green Mushroom, Mana Potion - [Loot statistieken]
Draken Abomination Draken Abomination 3800 6250 0,61 Draken Boots, Eye Of Corruption, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Meat, Platinum Coin, Scale Of Corruption, Small Topaz, Tail Of Corruption, Terra Hood, Ultimate Health Potion, Wand Of Voodoo, Zaoan Armor, Zaoan Helmet, Zaoan Legs - [Loot statistieken]
Draken Elite Draken Elite 4200 5550 0,76 Assassin Dagger, Broken Draken Mail, Broken Slicer, Draken Sulphur, Draken Wristbands, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Meat, Platinum Coin, Small Diamond, Twiceslicer, Ultimate Health Potion, Zaoan Helmet, Zaoan Legs, Zaoan Sword - [Loot statistieken]
Draken Spellweaver Draken Spellweaver 2600 5000 0,52 Bamboo Leaves, Draken Sulphur, Focus Cape, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Green Gem, Harness, Luminous Orb, Meat, Platinum Coin, Ring Of The Sky, Small Ruby, Spellweaver's Robe, Wand Of Inferno, Weaver's Wandtip, Zaoan Legs, Zaoan Robe, Zaoan Shoes - [Loot statistieken]
Draken Warmaster Draken Warmaster 2400 4150 0,58 Bone Shoulderplate, Drakinata, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Meat, Platinum Coin, Ring Of The Sky, Small Ruby, Tower Shield, Ultimate Health Potion, Warmaster's Wristguards, Zaoan Armor, Zaoan Halberd, Zaoan Legs, Zaoan Shoes - [Loot statistieken]
Draptor Draptor 2400 3000 0,8 [Loot statistieken]
Drasilla Drasilla 700 1320 0,53 Creature is altijd leeg
Dreadbeast Dreadbeast 250 800 0,31 Big Bone, Gold Coin - [Loot statistieken]
Dreadmaw Dreadmaw ? Gold Coin, Gold Ingot, Piece Of Crocodile Leather - [Loot statistieken]
Dromedary Dromedary 0 45 0 Meat - [Loot statistieken]
Dryad Dryad 190 310 0,61 Carrot On A Stick, Coconut Shoes, Flower Dress, Flower Wreath, Gold Coin, Leaf Legs, Orange Mushroom, Seeds, Small Amethyst, White Mushroom - [Loot statistieken]
Dwarf Dwarf 45 90 0,5 Axe, Copper Shield, Dwarven Ring, Gold Coin, Hatchet, Iron Ore, Leather Legs, Letter, Pick, Studded Armor, White Mushroom - [Loot statistieken]
Dwarf Geomancer Dwarf Geomancer 245 380 0,64 Blank Rune, Geomancer's Staff, Gold Coin, Leather Boots, Magic Light Wand, Pear, Studded Legs, White Mushroom - [Loot statistieken]
Dwarf Guard Dwarf Guard 165 145 1,14 Axe Ring, Battle Hammer, Battle Shield, Coal, Double Axe, Gold Coin, Health Potion, Iron Ore, Leather Boots, Scale Armor, Small Amethyst, Steel Helmet, White Mushroom - [Loot statistieken]
Dwarf Henchman Dwarf Henchman 15 350 0,04 Creature is altijd leeg
Dwarf Miner Dwarf Miner 60 120 0,5 [Loot statistieken]
Dwarf Soldier Dwarf Soldier 70 135 0,52 Axe Ring, Battle Axe, Bolt, Chain Armor, Crossbow, Dwarven Shield, Gold Coin, Iron Ore, Piercing Bolt, Shovel, Soldier Helmet, White Mushroom - [Loot statistieken]
Dworc Fleshhunter Dworc Fleshhunter 35 85 0,41 Bone Shield, Cleaver, Gold Coin, Hunting Spear, Leather Armor, Poison Dagger, Ripper Lance, Skull, Torch, Tribal Mask - [Loot statistieken]
Dworc Venomsniper Dworc Venomsniper 30 80 0,38 Gold Coin, Leather Armor, Poison Arrow, Poison Dagger, Seeds, Skull, Throwing Knife, Torch, Tribal Mask - [Loot statistieken]
Dworc Voodoomaster Dworc Voodoomaster 55 80 0,69 Big Bone, Bone, Gold Coin, Health Potion, Leather Armor, Poison Dagger, Skull, Strange Symbol, Torch, Tribal Mask - [Loot statistieken]