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Tibia creatures

Naam Exp Hp Exp/hp Loot
Sandcrawler Sandcrawler 20 30 0,67 Bunch Of Winterberries, Fireworks Rocket, Gold Coin, Sandcrawler Shell - [Loot statistieken]
Sandstone Scorpions Sandstone Scorpions 680 900 0,76 [Loot statistieken]
Scarab Scarab 120 320 0,38 Daramanian Mace, Gold Coin, Meat, Piece Of Scarab Shell, Scarab Coin, Small Amethyst, Small Emerald - [Loot statistieken]
Scorpion Scorpion 45 45 1 Scorpion Tail - [Loot statistieken]
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent 2300 1950 1,18 Crystalline Armor, Dragon Ham, Focus Cape, Glacier Amulet, Glacier Kilt, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Leviathan's Amulet, Northwind Rod, Plate Legs, Platinum Coin, Ring Of Healing, Sea Serpent Scale, Serpent Sword, Small Sapphire, Spirit Cloak, Stealth Ring, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Sword, Viking Helmet - [Loot statistieken]
Seagull Seagull 0 25 0 Creature is altijd leeg
Serpent Spawn Serpent Spawn 3050 3000 1,02 Charmer's Tiara, Crown Armor, Energy Ring, Gold Coin, Golden Mug, Great Mana Potion, Green Mushroom, Life Crystal, Life Ring, Mercenary Sword, Noble Axe, Old Parchment, Power Bolt, Royal Helmet, Small Sapphire, Snake Skin, Snakebite Rod, Spellbook Of Mind Control, Strange Helmet, Swamplair Armor, Tower Shield, Warrior Helmet, Winged Tail - [Loot statistieken]
Shadow Pupil Shadow Pupil 410 450 0,91 [Loot statistieken]
Shard Of Corruption Shard Of Corruption 7 600 0,01 [Loot statistieken]
Shardhead Shardhead 650 800 0,81 Frosty Heart, Gold Coin, Ice Cube, Platinum Coin, Small Diamond, Small Sapphire, Strong Health Potion - [Loot statistieken]
Sharptooth Sharptooth 1600 2500 0,64 [Loot statistieken]
Sheep Sheep 0 20 0 Meat, Wool - [Loot statistieken]
Shimmying Butterfly Shimmying Butterfly 0 20 0 [Loot statistieken]
Shiversleep Shiversleep 1900 4600 0,41 [Loot statistieken]
Shlorg Shlorg ? [Loot statistieken]
Shock Head Shock Head 2300 4200 0,55 [Loot statistieken]
Shredderthrower Shredderthrower ? Creature is altijd leeg
Sibang Sibang 105 225 0,47 Ape Fur, Banana, Banana Sash, Chain Helmet, Coconut, Gold Coin, Melon, Orange, Small Stone - [Loot statistieken]
Sight Of Surrender Sight Of Surrender 17000 28000 0,61 [Loot statistieken]
Silencer Silencer 5100 5400 0,94 [Loot statistieken]
Silver Rabbit Silver Rabbit 0 15 0 Carrot, Meat, Silky Fur - [Loot statistieken]
Sir Valorcrest Sir Valorcrest 1800 ? Gold Coin, Platinum Coin, Vampire Lord Token - [Loot statistieken]
Skeleton Skeleton 35 50 0,7 Bone, Brass Shield, Gold Coin, Hatchet, Mace, Pelvis Bone, Sword, Torch, Viking Helmet - [Loot statistieken]
Skeleton Warrior Skeleton Warrior 45 65 0,69 Bone, Brown Mushroom, Gold Coin, Mace, Pelvis Bone, Sword, White Mushroom - [Loot statistieken]
Skunk Skunk 3 20 0,15 Bulb Of Garlic, Skunk Tail - [Loot statistieken]
Slick Water Elemental Slick Water Elemental 450 ? Gold Coin, Iced Soil, Shiver Arrow - [Loot statistieken]
Slim Slim 580 1025 0,57 Creature is altijd leeg
Slime Slime 160 150 1,07 Creature is altijd leeg
Slug Slug 70 255 0,27 [Loot statistieken]
Smuggler Smuggler 48 130 0,37 Combat Knife, Gold Coin, Ham, Knife, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Raspberry, Short Sword, Sword, Torch - [Loot statistieken]
Smuggler Baron Silvertoe Smuggler Baron Silvertoe 170 280 0,61 [Loot statistieken]
Snake Snake 10 15 0,67 Creature is altijd leeg
Son Of Verminor Son Of Verminor 5900 8500 0,69 Creature is altijd leeg
Souleater Souleater 1300 1100 1,18 Death Ring, Ectoplasmic Sushi, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Lizard Essence, Necrotic Rod, Platinum Coin, Ultimate Health Potion, Wand Of Cosmic Energy - [Loot statistieken]
Spawn Of Despair Spawn Of Despair ? [Loot statistieken]
Spawn Of The Welter Spawn Of The Welter ? ? 0 [Loot statistieken]
Spectre Spectre 1350 1350 1 Blank Rune, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Gold Coin, Great Mana Potion, Lyre, Platinum Coin, Relic Sword, Shadow Sceptre, Shiny Stone, Silver Brooch, Soul Orb, Stealth Ring, Wand Of Cosmic Energy, White Piece Of Cloth - [Loot statistieken]
Spider Spider 12 20 0,6 Gold Coin, Spider Fangs - [Loot statistieken]
Spirit Of Earth Spirit Of Earth 800 1285 0,62 Creature is altijd leeg
Spirit Of Fire Spirit Of Fire 950 2300 0,41 Creature is altijd leeg
Spirit Of Light Spirit Of Light 0 ? Creature is altijd leeg
Spirit Of Water Spirit Of Water 850 1430 0,59 Creature is altijd leeg
Spit Nettle Spit Nettle 25 50 0,5 Gold Coin, Grave Flower, Nettle Blossom, Nettle Spit, Seeds, Shadow Herb, Sling Herb - [Loot statistieken]
Splasher Splasher 500 1000 0,5 [Loot statistieken]
Squirrel Squirrel 0 20 0 Acorn, Peanut - [Loot statistieken]
Stalker Stalker 90 120 0,75 Backpack, Blank Rune, Brass Legs, Brass Shield, Gold Coin, Katana, Leather Legs, Miraculum, Obsidian Lance, Throwing Knife - [Loot statistieken]
Stone Golem Stone Golem 160 270 0,59 Ancient Stone, Carlin Sword, Crystal Ring, Gold Coin, Iron Ore, Piece Of Marble Rock, Power Ring, Scale Armor, Shiny Stone, Small Stone, Steel Shield, Sulphurous Stone, Torch - [Loot statistieken]
Stonecracker Stonecracker 3500 ? Behemoth Claw, Big Bone, Double Axe, Gold Coin, Meat, Perfect Behemoth Fang, Small Amethyst - [Loot statistieken]
Superior Death Minion Superior Death Minion 2500 ? [Loot statistieken]
Svoren The Mad Svoren The Mad 3000 6300 0,48 Creature is altijd leeg
Swamp Troll Swamp Troll 25 55 0,45 Fish, Fishing Rod, Gold Coin, Leather Boots, Medicine Pouch, Spear, Swamp Grass, Torch, Troll Green, Wood - [Loot statistieken]
Swarmer Swarmer 350 460 0,76 Compound Eye, Epee, Gold Coin, Small Emerald, Swarmer Antenna - [Loot statistieken]