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Test server information

Geschreven door CipSoft on woensdag 17 juni 2009
Tomorrow morning this summer's test server will go online. During the first days, is only opened to all gamemasters and senators, fansite admins as well as to all senior tutors. Next Monday (22th) all tutors that were on the team since 15th June or earlier may join the test server. Below you can find all info about the test server, posted by Chayenne on the official site.

1-5 testers who submitted extraordinary bugreports over the testing phase will get a reward. That could either mean constant great quality during the whole testing phase which makes it easy for us to find and fix important bugs, or could also mean finding an extremely abusable and critical error (though I hope there aren't any...). Those testers will be awarded a special "golden bug" trophy on the real server that is not available through any other means than by submitting great bugreports.

There are Testserver Assistants in each town who will hand out money. Simply ask them for money or gold and you will receive 100k pocket money each time.

2. New Areas and revised Areas

Apart from Carlin, there are actually many other new or revised areas, either as stage for new quests or simply revamped. Here's a list of the major changes. Those that were added for quests only are NOT mentioned here - you will come across them automatically once you do the according quests (and probably only then).

a) Cities:

Ab'Dendriel: revised Shadow Towers
Ankhramun Tombs and many other underground buildings: added earth around the outer side of all walls
Beregar: expanded city and caverns
Carlin: revised all player houses/guildhouses and NPC houses including Carlin castle
Edron: revised all houses inside the city walls, plus Stonehome
Thais: revised all houses inside the city walls, plus Greenshore, Fibula and most guildhouses; added trophy exhibition under the Knights' Arena to display reward items obtained only through events
General: it should be impossible now to throw garbage on balconies of player houses from the outside!

b) Dungeons:

Added Water Elemental Dungeon under Tiquanda
Added new mid-/highlevel dungeon on Liberty Bay mountain
Added Dragon lair north of Darashia
Added Beholder/Gozzler dungeon near Beregar
Added Medusa/Serpent Spawn Dungeon on the Forbidden Islands
Revised Tarantula Caves underground connections under Tiquanda
Revised Treasure Island Dungeon and added monsters
Changed position of Plague Bearer caves in Yalahar Questline to smoothen the difficulty curve
Revised Laguna Island dungeons
Revised Demona

c) Other:

Meluna: added honeymoon island west of Fibula (reachable by boat from Fibula until one day after the wedding)
General: many very small or thin items are now ignored if you look at them. That means, a grass patch with a tiny stone in one corner of it will now be displayed as "you see grass" instead of "you see a stone" because of the gazillions of bug reports dealing with this tragical problem over the past years
Please note that these revisions are mostly only graphical or structural changes. Changes in monster spawns or monsters in general will be mentioned further below.

3. NPCs

a) New NPCs:

Amarie (Ab'Dendriel, quest NPC)
Eclesius (South of Thais, low level quest/task NPC)
Grodrik (Kazordoon, quest NPC)
Turian (South of Thais, quest NPC)
Rehon (Beregar, quest NPC)
Tehlim (Beregar, quest NPC)
Skip (Treasure Hunt, Quest NPC)
Polly (Treasure Hunt, Quest NPC)
Skeleton Guard (Treasure Hunt, Quest NPC)
Captain Waverider (Treasure Hunt, Quest NPC)
Grizzly Adams (Tiquanda, Quest NPC)
Telas (Edron, Quest NPC)
Scutty (Kazordoon, Quest NPC)
Boveas (Mintwalin, Quest NPC)
Cerdras (Carlin, Quest NPC)
Dreadeye (Necropolis, Quest NPC)
Milos (Edron, Quest NPC)
Rapanaio (Kazordoon, Quest NPC)
Alissa (Meluna, Shop NPC)
Satsu (Meluna, Shop NPC)
Ferryman Kamil (transporter to Meluna and back from Fibula)
Nienna (Meluna, Shop NPC)
Tanaro (Meluna, Shop NPC)
Llathriel (Ab'Dendriel, Marriage NPC)
Ferus (Kazordoon, Marriage NPC)
Finarfin (Ab'Dendriel, Bank NPC)
Cillia (Thais, Prize Exhibition ticket seller)
Naji (Thais depot, new bank NPC)
Lucius (Yalahar, event NPC)
Jean Pierre (near Marid fortress, event NPC)

b) Changes in old NPCs:

Norf, Humphrey, Edala, Pydar, Eremo and all city guides help through the Pilgrimage of Ashes
Lynda: added real marriage function
Lugri: added divorce function and hunting task
Brewster: added divorce function
Daniel Steelsoul: added hunting tasks
Riker: added hunting tasks
Briasol: removed bank functionality
Tezila: removed bank functionality
Lokur: added bank functionality

4. Monsters

a) New Monsters:

Of course, there are more monsters than the Medusa to enter the Tibian world during this update. All in all there are 17 new bosses, 20 new monsters which you can only encounter during events and 13 new monsters which will make your quest trips a lot harder. Since graphics time was short this update and they don't have new and unique sprites they weren't mentioned in the monster teaser. However you'll surely meet a few surprises if you solve all quests and take part in events!

b) Hunting Ground Analysis:

Here are the most relevant changes in monsters and monster homes.

Earth Elemental: replaced some gold loot by sellable items
Hellspawn: improved loot
Marid/Efreet: reduced damage, slightly improved exp
Zombies: less mana drain, slightly improved loot
Serpent Spawn: improved loot
Plaguesmith: improved loot
Wyrm: improved loot, slightly more exp
War Golem: a little less healing, improved loot, a little more exp
Lost Soul: reduced hitpoints, improved loot
Grim Reaper: improved exp
Werewolf: improved loot, increased exp
Cyclops Smith: improved loot
Mutated Bat: reduced damage, improved loot, removed drunk
Water Elemental: added corpse including function to fish for items in the corpse
Braindeath: slightly reduced summon possibility
Vampire Bride: improved loot
Wisp: turned into ambient monster (flees from players)
Sea Serpent: improved loot, removed flee threshold
Mutated Human: slightly weakened poison and strongly weakened paralyze
Dark Apprentice: higher chance to drop potions
Dark Magician: higher chance to drop potions
Fire Devil: improved exp
Quara Constrictor: slightly improved loot, slightly weakened
All elves: improved loot
Energy Elemental: improved loot
Elementals in Elemental Spheres: improved loot, weakened resistances according to vocations who are supposed to hunt there
Frost Giantess: increased drop chance for small stones
Gargoyle: greatly increased drop chance for small stones
Goblins: reduced drop chance for small stones
Ice Witch: improved hitpoints
Infernalist: added small hit damage in close combat, slightly reduced loot
Chakoya: slightly reduced loot, made them stronger
Worker Golems: reduced drop chance for diamonds, added more hitpoints
Rotworms: reduced gold slightly
Ghouls: reduced gold slightly
Hellfire Fighter: slightly reduced loot
Mutated Tiger: increased Peak damage
Mad Scientists: reduced gold slightly, improved potion drops
Okolnir: slightly increased spawn time on all monster homes, reduced a few spawn numbers
Laguna Islands and Banuta: adjusted raids
Chor: added more options to enter the camp including a secret one
Yalahar Magicians: reduced easily accessible infernalist spawns and lengthened spawn times; re-distributed some monster homes in the towers
Yalahar Demons: added portals to allow access only by sacrificing one random elemental soil
Djinn Towers Ankrahmun: slightly reduced spawns and improved distribution of monsters to prevent the worst "ganging"
Thais Dragon Lair: improved spawn time (faster now)
Sea Serpents Svargrond: improved monster distribution
Changes in Raids:

Altered location of Horned Fox Raid - appears in different alternative areas now
Altered location of Demodras Raid - appears in different alternative areas now

5. New Quests and Tasks

There are a LOT of new quests and you might not be able to solve all of them during the test server time. Here are some hints for quest starters:

  • Find the house of the sorcerer Eclesius south of Thais and become his assistant (should only work if you're under level 20). You can then solve 5 different daily tasks and also follow a questline of six missions. Keep in mind that he's confused and forgetful!
  • Find Telas in Stonehome and ask him for a mission to trigger a questline, in which you will find out more about the mysterious golems that roam Yalahar.
  • Talk to Emperor Rehal in Beregar if you solved the quest "Justice for All" and ask him for a new mission to be sent on an expedition to find his lost son.
  • Look out for suspicious pirate raids in Liberty Bay and maybe find an item you haven't seen before...
  • Talk to Budrik in the mines of Kazordoon about a mission if you solved "To Outfox a Fox" before.
  • Find Grizzly Adams south of the river east of Port Hope and ask him to join his guild "Paw and Fur Elite"
  • Find the dwarf Rapanaio in Kazordoon and try to find out if there's really something behind the strange stories he's telling you...
  • Talk to any city guide if you're still under Level 25 and have him or her send you on a quest called the "Pilgrimage of Ashes" to get all blessings for a reduced price! Note that if you become higher than level 25 at any time during the quest (except if you've already been at Eremo), you can't finish the quest anymore. However, the guide will offer you to remove it from your questlog then.
  • Talk to Lugri (over level 50)
  • Daniel Steelsoul (under level 60)
  • Ray Striker (if you've finished the Shattered Island quest)
  • Both Djinn leaders (depending on which side you are)

6. Marriage

If you've already been "married" in Tibia, you might still remember how the marriage ceremony worked at Lynda in Thais. The new marriage function builds on that basis, but has "real" consequences now, so think first and marry then

You can choose among three possible places for your wedding: The church in Thais (as before), a dwarven chapel in Kazordoon (north of the temple) and on the flower hill in Ab'Dendriel (north-east of the town). Before you can marry, buy a wedding outfit (at Norbert in Venore) and a wedding ring, else the ceremony can't begin. The ceremony should hopefully be rather easy to follow and there are several possibilities to finish it successfully. At the end of your wedding, both of you will receive engraved wedding rings with your names and date on them and have the right to travel to Meluna (via Ferryman Kamil on Fibula) on the same day of your wedding. A divorce can be carried out either at Lugri north of Thais or at Brewster in Port Hope and should hopefully also be easy to do.

7. New Events and Items

There are two new events - one for August and one for November:

The Cooking Event takes place in a previous inaccessible place close to the fortress of the Marid. NPC Jean Pierre is a chef and will happily introduce you to the secrets of his recipes. Once you've done his questline for the first time and cooked all 10 meals, you can recreate each dish ONCE per year.

The Lightbearer Event is a huge spectacle that requires many people on the server to actually work together over a longer time span. The basic idea is to keep 10 lights burning for 5 days by regularily using magical torches on them (each two hours). You can only use your torch once on each light basin. If only one light goes out, the event is lost and strong demonic creatures and annoying essences of darkness will enter Tibia for half a day. However, if you actually manage to keep the lights burning... well, I won't tell you what will happen then, but something good The event on the test server will start on 21th June at Lucius in the magician quarter of Yalahar - but nothing serious will happen until the 22th of June after server save. I know you have to work and study and all, but who knows, maybe you can do it! If not, see it as practice for the real server

Concerning new items: there are also many new additions that I won't spoil here, as usual. You should be able to obtain most of the new items during your tests. Those of you who have done the Explorer Society quests should be able to buy valuable crown backpacks as reward from either Angus or Mortimer. If you have finished one of the secret service questlines - and always wondered what the heck is in that parcel - you can now open it to receive a special gadget. Please try it out on everything you might think of!

8. Adjusted Protection Zones

We decided to make a few spots in Tibia safer, especially those that were predestined for assaults because people usually walk there with a lot of money in their pockets. Here's what has been changed:

Thais: PZ added to throneroom and upper castle tower
Kazordoon: PZ added to throneroom
Carlin: PZ added to castle
Edron: PZ on groundfloor above depot added (including bank and post office)
Ab'Dendriel: PZ added in Post office; added new bank counter at the depot
Ankrahmun: PZ added to shop pyramid and promotion room
Darashia: PZ added to the Caliph's palace
Port Hope: PZ added to shops building
Svargrond: United bank and post into a big room, added PZ
Venore: PZ added to small depot in the north-east (including bank and post office)
Yalahar: PZ added to bank/ post office building
You can test all protection zones by using the new "protection zone icon" shown in the client (the white pigeon on a blue circle). Thus you should finally know whether you're standing in a PZ or not. There is also a new icon (red crossed swords) to symbolise whether you may not enter a PZ (a harsher variant of the simple logout block - white crossed swords).

9. Screenshots

Exhibition - Tibia Museum
Bart's gallery
Tibiacity gallery
Tibiacity Photoblog