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Tibia nieuws

Few bug fixes

Geschreven door Steven on zondag 21 juni 2009
We've fixed a few bugs in our website. A first bug we fixed is the bug with special characters in character names which prevented people with special characters such as a ü in their name from adding their characters, viewing experience history... Everything should work fine now.

Furthermore we took some anti-spam measurements. A lot of spam is sent through PM's and posted in users guestbooks. Because of this you'll now need 10 posts before you can send PM's and post comments in users guestbooks. Also you can not upload attachments until you reach 10 posts.

Last, but not least, we added an unsolved quests section to our forum where you can discuss unsolved secrets and quests in Tibia and try to solve them together with our other forum members. Maybe someday we'll find the secret behind the beholder language Knipoog.