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Tibia nieuws


Geschreven door Cipsoft on woensdag 19 augustus 2015
If you enjoy playing Tibia with friends, you should check out the Tell-A-Friend system!
Not only have we revamped the already existing Invite Friend option to make inviting new players easier and more convenient, but we have also added new rewards such as the recruiter outfit which you will receive if one of your invited friends buys a product in our Webshop. You can even unlock addons for this outfit if more of your invited friends buy something in our Webshop. Moreover, you will receive one loyalty point for every six loyalty points one of your invited friends earns.

Click on the Tell-A-Friend button in your account management to access the respective subsection. There, you can find an overview of available and already earned rewards, the Invite New Players option, the Bring Back a Buddy option, and an overview of all invitations you have already sent.

You can either invite new players via a link, via an invitation email, or via facebook. Simply choose your preferred method in the Invite New Players tab and follow the instructions.

Besides Tell-A-Friend, we also implemented a few fixes with today's server save, for example:
We fixed an issue that allowed free account players to create buy offers for normal items in the Market.
We fixed an issue where two crystal wolfs spawned instead of one.
The error messages you receive in the Market in case an offer is no longer available have been made clearer.
We fixed an issue where characters that had just reached the main continent after Dawnport received a black skull with a single unjustified kill.

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