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Tibia nieuws

Bugfixes and Content Changes

Geschreven door Tibia.com on woensdag 02 mei 2018
1A new client version has been released with today's server save. We have fixed the following things:

  • Exercise Weapons can no longer be purchased by characters on Dawnport or Rookgaard.
  • Expert Exercise Dummies can no longer be purchased by free account players.
  • Exercise Rods and Wands shoot the correct elemental effect at the exercise dummy now.
  • Missing protection zone fields were added to the Exercise Dummy training area in Edron and Ankrahmun.
  • Additional magic shop keepers are now selling Exercise Rods and Wands for 210,000 gold.
  • An issue causing the item string of mending to appear in Dawnport has been resolved.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers