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Warrior Outfit Shoulder Spike addon

Geschreven door Sir Rickard

Type: Addon quest
Level nodig: 0
Locatie: Carlin
Premium: Ja
Beloning: Warrior Outfit Shoulder Spike addon
Duur: Lang (> 2 uren)


PicItemHoeveelheidLoot van
Hardened Bone Hardened Bones 100 Bonebeast, Undead Dragon
Turtle Shell Turtle Shells 100 Tortoise
Fighting Spirit Fighting Spirit 1
Dragon Claw Dragon Claw 1 Demodras

Gids voor de quest


Dit is een van de basisoutfits die je krijgt als je een Premium Account hebt.

Addon 1:

Kijk hier om te kijken hoe je de eerste addon kan verkrijgen.

Addon 2:

Eerst en vooral moet je de items hebben die hierboven vermeld staan. Dit kan een moeilijke taak zijn omdat je een Dragon Claw nodig hebt van Demodras. Je kan hem zelf looten of kopen voor zeer veel geld. Als je nu alle items hebt die hierboven staan moet je naar Trisha in Carlin gaan. Hier is een kaart waar je haar kan vinden:


Praat nu met haar:

You: Hi
Trisha: Welcome back, knight player!
You: Addon
Trisha: Are you talking about my spiky shoulder pad? You can't buy one of these. They have to be earned.
You: Earn
Trisha: I'm not sure if you are enough of a hero to earn them. You could try, though. What do you think?
You: Yes
Trisha: Okay, who knows, maybe you have a chance. A really small one though. Listen up: ...
Trisha: First, you have to prove your guts by bringing me 100 hardened bones. ...
Trisha: Next, if you actually managed to collect that many, please complete a small task for our guild and bring us 100 turtle shells. ...
Trisha: It is said that excellent shields can be created from these. ...
Trisha: Alright, um, afterwards show me that you have fighting spirit. Any true hero needs plenty of that. ...
Trisha: The last task is the hardest. You will need to bring me a claw from a mighty dragon king. ...
Trisha: Did you understand everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
You: Yes

Als je de nodige items hebt, moet je nog eens met haar praten:

You: Hi
Trisha: Welcome back, knight player!
You: 100 Hardened Bones
Trisha: How are you faring with your mission? Have you collected all 100 hardened bones?
You: Yes
Trisha: I'm surprised. That's pretty good for a man. Now, bring us the 100 turtle shells.
You: 100 Turtle Shells
Trisha: Did you get us 100 turtle shells so we can make new shields?
You: Yes
Trisha: Well done - for a man. These shells are enough to build many strong new shields. Thank you! Now - show me fighting spirit.
You: Fighting Spirit
Trisha: So, can you show me your fighting spirit?
You: Yes
Trisha: Correct - pretty smart for a man. But the hardest task is yet to come: the claw from a lord among the dragon lords.
You: Dragon Claw
Trisha: Have you actually managed to obtain the dragon claw I asked for?
You: Yes
Trisha: You did it! I have seldom seen a man as courageous as you. I really have to say that you deserve to wear a spike. Go ask Cornelia to adorn your armour.

Nu moet je naar Cornelia gaan. Je vindt haar hier:


Praat met haar:

You: Hi
Cornelia: Welcome to the finest armorshop in the land, Player!
You: Armour
Cornelia: Ah, you must be the hero Trisha talked about. I will prepare the shoulder spikes for you. Please give me some time to finish it.

Nu moet je wachten totdat je spikes klaar zijn.

Geniet van je addon!